There is a menu for every occasion, Wedding, Banqueting, Corporate & Business events, Party celebrations, Bereavement, Barbeque, Festivals and much more

Our Delicious Menu

Canapes & Starters to appetize your occasion.
Cocktail Patties-Vegetable, Chicken, Beef or Mutton
Plantain Chips with Dips
Sweet Potato Chips with Dips
Honey coated BBQ Wings
Spicy Drumsticks in Batter
Jerk Chicken Bites
BBQ Chicken Bites
Mini Fishballs with Dips
Roti Wraps with Meat, Chicken or Vegetable Fillings
Skews Prawns
Skews Chicken
Skews Vegetables.
Banana Fritters
Saltfish Fritters
Ackee & Saltfish
Ackee & Saltfish Dumplings
Ackee & Saltfish with Hard-dough Bread
Our most wanted Jerk Chicken and much, much more.
Curried Chicken
Jerk Chicken
Stew Chicken
Roast Chicken
Fried Chicken
Barbeque Chicken
Coconut Chicken
Mango Chicken
Caribbean flavour to the meat.
Stew Beef
Oxtail & Butter Beans
Curried Mutton
Curry Goat
Roast Lamb
Lamb Shank
Rum Stake
Jerk Pork
Lamb Ribs
Caribbean Seafood freshly harvested & finely prepared.
Ackee &salt-fish
Stew - Tilapia
Stew - Snapper
Stew - Sea bream
E scovitch - Tilapia
Escovitch - Snapper
Escovitch - Sea Bream
Escovitch - Prawns
Salmon Portions
Salmon Pockets
Whole Dress Salmon
Discover our tasty vegetarian options.
Curry Vegetables
Stir-fry Vegetables
Nut Roast-served with Roasted Potato, Root Vegetables & Vegetarian sauce
Stuffed Peppers with Rice & Peas & Ackee, served in a bed of Tomato Sauce and Rocket Salad
Soya Minced Risotto, served with Mediterranean Vegetables & Parmesan Cheese
Vegetarian Lasagne
Enrich your main dishes with our selection of appetizing sides.
Plain Boiled Rice
Rice & Kidney Beans
Rice & Black Eyed Beans
Seasonal Rice
Jollof Rice
Hard-dough Bread
Various Patties
Split Pea Roti
Mac & Cheese
Fritters - Salt Fish or Banana
Sweet Potato Chips
Fried Plantain
Seasoned Fry Plantain
Steam Callaloo
Steamed Spinach
Bake (Fried Dumplings)
Our salads, for great accompaniment.
Plain Salad
Potato Salad
Pasta Salad
Salsa Salad
Rainbow Salad
Desserts for every occasions. Combination of tropical fruits and cakes for the sweet harmony.
Ice Cream/ Fresh Cream
Fresh Fruit Platter
Tropical Fruit Salad
Fruit Cake
Cheese Cake (Mango, Strawberry, or Pasion fruit)
Jamaican Rum Cake
Sweet Potato Pudding
Apple Crumble
Carrot Cake
Lemon drizzle

Our Drinks

The Great Thirst of the Caribbean.

Selection of the best fruits.
Homemade Fruit Punch
Tropical Juice
Rum Punch
Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Mineral Water Sparkling
Mineral Water Still
Tea & Coffee

Frequent Favourites Selection

Our Customers' most requested

Our selection to suit your occasion.
Selection of Meaty & Vegetarian sandwiches
Potato Wedges & Blue Cheese Dip
Mini Pizzas
Stuffed Mushrooms
Ham & Cheese Platter
Large Wrap Platter
Large Baguette Platter
Vegetable Platter
Satay Chicken Marinated in Sauce
Selection of Fishy & Vegetarian Sushi Rolls
African Meat Pie
Samosas Meaty or Vegetarian
Large Luxury Shrimp Platter
Spring Rolls
Stir Fry Vegetables
Stir-Fry Noodles
Wide Selections of Patisserie
Doughnuts & Eclair
Muffins & Cupcakes

Our Premium Choice Menu

Our premium choice menu is selected from our favourite Caribbean dishes that are prepared off the bone at our clients request and are priced accordingly.

Our Selected Meat.
Curry Goat
Curry Mutton
Our Selected Poultry.
Curried Chicken
Jerk Chicken
Stew Chicken
Roast Chicken
Fried Chicken
BBQ Chicken
Coconut Chicken
Mango Chicken
Our Selected Fish.
Sea Bream
Sea Bass
Whole Smoked Salmon

Menus are individually designed after a free consultation with yourself and one of our experience designers, including a tasting session.

We understand that your occasion is unique, that is why we treat you like a celebrity.